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HAT Forum - The Future of Homo Sapiens

  • The 519 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)


Proposer - Jon Aldridge

  • What are your estimations for the future of our species?
  • What is your “best case scenario”?

No specific timescale intended, 30, 100, 1 million years.

  • Do you believe we will continue much as we are, remaining the same biological organism?
  • In popular science fiction, future humans often seem very much like contemporary humans in appearance and mentality, to what degree does this seem likely?
  • How will our social systems, such as money, time, healthcare, law and the Internet both change us and change with us?
  • Could we evolve away from our present state?
  • What might we become?
  • How soon might this happen?
  • Has evolution by natural selection become insignificant to our development?
  • Is it possible that would would replace ourselves with something else?
  • Why would/wouldn’t we do this?
  • How might these entities live?
  • Will we use technologies such as genetic modification or cyrbogism to turn ourselves into something different?
  • Are we on the verge of the creation of Homo Deus (god-man)?
  • Might we go/make ourselves extinct?
  • While we know this is technically possible, what do you think are the factors involved?
  • Should we resist forces that might lead to the end of Homo Sapiens?
  • Is the end of ourselves as a species something we should accept, fear, welcome?
  • Furthermore, what can we learn about where we might go from where we have come from?

Homo Sapiens have not been around very long in biological terms (~200,000 years).

We have not had time for our biology to significantly adapt to our social and physical reality.

We are predominantly adapted for conditions when and where we evolved.