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HAT Forum - Consider the Value of Working

  • The 519 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

What does the future of employment for human beings look like with Artificial Intelligence and robots doing our work? 

Are humans being replaced and forgotten as a result of human beings striving for "new" and "better" in too blinkered a way?

  • Fact: those engaging in public discourse these days seem to take it as a given that we, the human beings who collectively form our society, are supposed to bend and absorb the relative hardship of 47% of jobs as we now know them to be taken away from us by AI, robots, automation, etcetera.
  • It is said high levels of anxiety in the workplace is becoming an epidemic problem which is costing 'the economy' millions.  So why are we not in discussion factoring in the kinds of costs which relate to sense of contentment, mental health and sense of well-being on the part of the working human beings who make up the expressed energy driving 'the economy'?
  •   Apparently there is a national law in Sweden, in other words there has been a nationally agreed-upon consensus on the point, that the physical workspace for every inside worker has to be configured such that sunlight can penetrate into the workplace for at least 4 hours every day.  This means in the cities the buildings all have lots of windows, are not too tall, are well-spaced apart; as a result the cities feel harmonious and relaxed and there is less costly strife and anxiety:  Compare this to what is happening in Toronto.  Why are we not taking into consideration wider-effect detrimental consequences which may attend the nature of our construction/s, whether the construction in question is buildings or robots or self-driving vehicles?
  • It is said the Swedes have a sense of their society as a 'social' democracy whereas we are too focused on our society being a 'capitalistic' democracy.  Is the point of AI, robots, automation coming into the workplace all about money?  How do we better keep that which enhances social and societal satisfaction and harmony in focus when the direction of our striving seemingly points so much towards money.
  • We don't disagree love and good work are the recipe ingredients for life satisfaction and relate to self-autonomy and the 'pursuit of happiness', which we say we value.  So why are we in effect seemingly striving to discount the value of good employment?  In 'costing' analyses are we doing enough to include consideration ofindividual person/s being gainfully employed as a definite benefit to appear on the "better" side of the evaluation ledger?  To be provocative, does any or all of this link with Trump's talk about bringing back jobs?

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