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HAT Forum - "A Place for Unions in Modern Society"

  • The 519, Room 303 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

In theory, labor unions are a brilliant way to balance the power between employers and employees.

Union workers enjoy undeniable advantages, ranging from the tangible benefit of higher wages to the personal satisfaction of knowing their voices are recognized in the workplace

Membership in labor unions has notably decreased over the last decade, despite its seeming benefits to workers. Further exploration shows that while unionized workers enjoy certain advantages over their non-union counterparts, those advantages can be negated by their potential impact.

Decrease in unionization rate among men has fallen from 42% in 1981 to 27% in 2014.

For women unionization was relatively stable, varying between 30% and 32%

Is being in a union beneficial?

Will you earn more?

Will your career progress?

Will you be happier?

How is the system abused?

Is seniority the best way to promote people?

Why is union membership decreasing?

Do strikes work?  Pros and Cons