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HAT Forum - "Living with Cannabis Legalization"

  • The 519 (Rm 304, always check lobby screen) 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

Canada made the decision to legalize 3 years ago and apart from wringing our hands about the decision, have we been doing anything to prepare for the new normal? Now that the “Dream” (“nightmare” for some) is reality, how will society change as a result?

  1. What aspects of everyday life will have to adapt to legal weed?

  2. How will legal weed affect the workplace? parenting and family life? social situations? the economy? justice system? security & policing? health?

  3. Will this herald a boom in new medical products that can really help people in need?

  4. Canadian society started with alcohol and tobacco “grandfathered in” and we have been living with them for centuries. We are so used to them that we barely understand them as “drugs” at all. Is it optimal for us to apply the societal framework we have developed for alcohol and tobacco to cannabis or is it time for a revision to how we treat them all?

Join us for this very interesting and important discussion.

From the “Here’s What You Need to Know” flyer from The Government of Canada":

  • legal cannabis has an excise stamp on the product label

  • it is illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border whether it is legal in the destination territory or not.

  • providing cannabis to those under the legal age is a serious offence

  • cannabis will continue to be available for medical purposes