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HAT Forum - "What is YOUR Identity?"

  • The 519, Room 303 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

Defining yourself:

1) If asked to define yourself, would you be able to answer confidently, happily and proudly?

2) How would you define yourself politically and why? 

3) Do you feel that your personality is developed from your life experiences and environment vs. genetic make-up or a combination of both?

4) Do you feel there are parts of your identity that you suppress or mask for fear of being judged or labelled?

5) Is there a "Canadian" aspect to your identity? How would you describe it?

6) Have you ever participated in a personality assessment and were you surprised with the results or did it confirm what you already know about your identity?

7) Were you born into a culture that is known for oppression and how did this shape your identity and personality?

8) Is there a "true self" and can it be defined?

9) Would you define yourself as a leader, a follower or somewhere in-between?

10) Is there part of who you are that you would change if you knew how and had the tools and resources to do so?

11) Do we as humans modify our personalities when adapting to new environments and relationships?

12) Do you ever feel conflicted/worried about your identity/personalty traits vs.society's expectations or norms around behaviour, fitting in and acceptance?