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HAT Speaker Series - John Webster, "Shelley - A Humanist Out of Time"

  • Ontario Gov't Building Rm 4-418 252 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M5R Canada (map)

NEW! : A Brunch Reception for John Webster added (see separate event above)

At 1:00 pm, we will have an audio-visual presentation introduced by John Webster
John’s multi-faceted presentation – which includes extracts from his DVD Shelley’s Golden Years in Italy - gives an unrivaled insight into Shelley, and reveals the extent to which humanist ideals animated his work. With Shelley verses presented in a cycle of songs (‘an interesting and enjoyable way to encounter the lyrics’), a narration voiced by the renowned poet Benjamin Zephaniah, and images from Shelley locations in Italy, this is an excellent opportunity to discover the scope and ambition of the poet who looked forward to a democratic, pluralist and secular future. 

John has been presenting the event to humanist groups in the UK since June 2016, and his DVD has been praised by Professor John Carey, one of the UK’s sharpest critics, and a leading opponent of obscurity and over-intellectualism in art and literature.

An encounter with a great mind and a resolute humanist who thought beyond the difficult times he lived in to imagine a new future.