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HAT Forum - "The Goals of Education"

  • The 519, Rm 303 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

Consider these objectives of education:

  • To develop skills of inquiry and critical thinking
  • To develop creativity
  • To impart knowledge
  • To build character traits such as perseverance
  • To build insight and understanding

Others that you would add?

Which of these objectives do you think are the most important, and why? Which ones do you believe our society overemphasizes? Underemphasizes?

How should the goals of education change at different ages and academic levels?

Thinking about your education, what was generally done right? Done wrong? How would you recommend changing curriculum or teaching mechanics in light of your priorities?

Categories of knowledge and skills.

The categories, defined by clear criteria, represent four broad areas of knowledge and skills within which achievement of the curriculum expectations for any given grade is assessed and evaluated. The four categories should be considered as interrelated, reflecting the wholeness and interconnectedness of learning. The categories of knowledge and skills are described as follows:

Knowledge and Understanding. Subject-specific content acquired in each grade (knowledge), and the comprehension of its meaning and significance (understanding).

Thinking. The use of critical and creative thinking skills and/or processes, as follows: – planning skills (e.g., focusing research, gathering information, organizing an inquiry) – processing skills (e.g., analysing, evaluating, synthesizing) – critical/creative thinking processes (e.g., inquiry, problem solving, decision making, research)

Communication. The conveying of meaning through various forms, as follows: – oral (e.g., presentation, role play, debate) – written (e.g., report, journal, opinion piece) – visual (e.g., chart, model, movement, video, computer graphics)

Application. The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts.

-          The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1—12 (included for reference)