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HAT DOCS at The Forum: "Canada's Original Promise"

  • The 519, Rm 304 (check lobby screen) 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

HAT DOCS at The Forum

In what we hope will be the first of many we introduce HAT DOCS, video presentations of interest to Humanists with discussion following. We will have the first HAT DOCS at The Forum and from there, who knows…

Roberta Jamieson: Canada’s Original Promise - Still Waiting to be Realized

As Canada turned 150, Indigenous education advocate Roberta Jamieson delivered the keynote address at a Ryerson conference. Roberta was the first woman chief of Six Nations of the Grand River, the first Indigenous woman to earn a law degree in Canada, and she holds an astounding twenty-five honorary degrees. She believes Canada is at a make-or-break moment where it has a chance to recast its historically troubled relationship with First Nations for the next 150 years. She sees the hope for that renewal in the very moment of contact between settler Europeans and her ancestors: "Our people consciously decided to share. And we had a choice. We were the majority then. And we made a conscious decision to share. And to help people survive. So I think we still have that choice as Canadians. And I'm very optimistic and very hopeful -- and I'm going to work very hard to see that we live up to that promise."

A lively discussion of the video and our feelings and views on this subject will follow.

For those of you who wish to have an advanced look There are 2 videos on the page. The more pertinent one is farther down the page.

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